Liz Wallace- Architect & Director

BBSc, BArch (Hons), NZ Registered Architect, ANZIA.

Llz graduated from Victoria University in 1997 with honours, and has since gained most of her experience prior to Tse:Wallace through working in one of Auckland's top architectural practices,Pete Bossley Architects.

She has grown up with architecture in her blood, following in her father's footsteps has single-mindedly pursued her career as an architect since the age of 6. Luckily it turns out that she really enjoys it!

Liz enjoys the challenge of coming to the table on each project with an open mind and flexible approach. Central to her approach is the understanding that architecture is for people, and that it should eloquently and elegantly reflect the values and aspirations of the people that inhabit it. Architecture should not be a means unto itself.

Maintaining a strong sense of what works and doesn't in reality, Liz strives to seek the "right" solution to the particular architectural problems she is presented with, that in hindsight seem inevitable.

Please contact Liz at: liz@wallacearchitects.co.nz


Rowan McLeod - Interior Designer

bDes (Hons) In Interior Architecture.

Rowan graduated from Victoria University in 2004 with honors in Interior Architecture.

Rowan is a designer who aspires to balance personal design integrity and belief with professional responsibilities associated with the needs of the client, market place, authorities, and professional practice.

Her experience includes working on European boutique interior design fit-outs, high end residential new builds, large commercial projects and small domestic design projects.

Rowan is passionate about Interior Design- how design sits within its wider architectural, societal and environmental context to create spaces that are functional and beautiful while being client and brief specific.

Rowan strives to work with clients to create interiors that are based on how they want to relate to the spaces they live in, interiors that reflect the rituals of life combined with honoring a clients’ personal style and preferences.

Please contact Rowan at: rowan@wallacearchitects.co.nz