Korokoro House
Tinakori Road Extension
Mt Victoria Renovation
  The project involved the renovation of an existing 2 level house and garage originally designed in 1979 by Gordon Moller, to better facilitate their lives with a disabled adult daughter.      It included a new/ relocated kitchen and scullery with improved visual and physical access to the family room. An extended family room with improved access to the garden, improved access to the front garden from the living room and an overall upgrade to doors and windows, services and finishes. The extension of the garage to accommodate a disability vehicle with an additional workroom and wood store.      The house sits on a flat section with a garage towards the street frontage linked to the house via a verandah. Living facilities are on the ground floor with the bedrooms located at the top level. Both the house and garage have a distinct architectural character typical of Gordon Moller’s 1970s work, with a steeply pitched roof, stained weatherboards and exposed concrete block walls.      The design solution involved the demolition of a smaller study annex, also designed by Craig Craig and Moller in 1991. This annex was underutilized but was built over a subterranean wine cellar the family wished to keep access to. Hence the kitchen/ scullery were relocated into a new pavilion of a similar footprint, but large enough to accommodate easy movement for wheelchair and a mattress on the floor. The walls to the existing kitchen and family room were removed and a new glazed roof link was installed between the pavilion and the main house introducing light into the centre of the space. A reflection pool was also installed adjacent to the kitchen and entry.
Eastbourne Beachfront House
Days Bay Hill House
Box Hill Renovation
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